Four Ways To Slow Down The Ageing Process

There’s no shortage of ‘experts’ out there who’ll tell anyone prepared to listen how to slow down – or even reverse – the ageing process. I’m no ‘expert’ but there are some things we know that we can do something about. We have way more control over the ageing process than we think: we can slow the aging process – by ourselves.
It’s no secret that there’s a difference between chronological and biological age. Most of us have met – or know – someone who looks 10 years younger and seems to have boundless energy and stamina. So 50 year olds can look 40, and conversely.
Most of the literature tells us that when we age, in addition to our biological age (after 40) seeming to start speeding up causing us to age faster than our chronological age, four other things seem to happen.
1. Our metabolism slows down, making burning fat and losing weight tough going.

2. Our hormones responsible for all of our youth-like qualities – healthy skin tone, strong lean muscle, heaps of energy, sex drive – start declining.

3. Our bones weaken and become more brittle: breaks become more common.

4. Our brain can be effected. Problem solving and decision making ability can start to decline, and sometimes worsen.
In order to decelerate our body’s ageing process, we need
1. To reprogram our body so that we can readily burn fat. We know what that involves: we just have to do it;

2. To reboot our endocrine system and create a resurgence of youth-enhancing hormones providing infinitely more energy, replacing flab with lean, strong muscle, and boosting sex drive. We know that a sedentary life of limited (or no) exercise and being a couch potato can lead to youth-enhancing hormone levels dropping past the point of no return;

3. To regain bone density by realising that what we put in our mouth becomes the fuel that becomes the great enabler. Junk food means poor-quality fuel; and

4. To boost our brain power by enhancing memory and improving cognitive function. For 85% of us, becoming as sharp as a tack is straightforward – and easy.
With our existing know-how, action, and a good dose of self-discipline, we can look and feel younger each year that passes.